Sometimes it is SO hard to believe it is FRIYAY! I mean finally. It's Friday. It seems like it would never happen. You MUST get a FRIYAY shirt.

There are so many amazing things that can happen on Friday. You can go out for dinner, and not worry if it gets too late! You can usually arrive to work late... and maybe even leave work early. And it seems LOADS of people don't have to even work AT ALL on Fridays! Must be nice......

Plus, Friday kicks off the weekend. And the weekend can mean SO many amazing things. Like no work. Obviously. But also brunch. More brunch. Champage. Drinks! SLEEPING. omg just that is amazing enough on it's own! No work clothes. No bra? lol. Not rushing around. Time for breakfast. Time for lunch. and just.... generally time. Unless you have kids and that's a whole other story!

We love the fashion of the weekend too. The casualness. The coziness. The tees, the sweats, the messy hair, don't care. No socks. Or wool socks. It's so nice to be able to just relax right? TGIF. 

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